Thank you so much for helping us.

Thank you so much for helping us. I guess, if you have an excellent lawyer, CPA, etc., the work gets done! But you also need one who cares about their clients. Again, Thanks so very much! It means so much to us, hope you know that!!! Hope all is well.

Our best always,


Angela and Neil

Grateful to you for everything

I'm just VERY HAPPY!! And, GRATEFUL to you for everything. You are so sweet, and I appreciate ALL of your help and total efforts. It made the difference in my life knowing someone was really helping me had my back and on my side. I think you're the most ethical, hard working man I know. I was always afraid of lawyers in the past; thanks to you, I'm not anymore.
God bless you and yours always,

June, 2015.

What a tremendous accomplishment!

It really happened! What a tremendous accomplishment! It means everything to us to have this. Thank you so very much!

Honestly, we cannot express our gratitude for your ongoing efforts to finalize this case and bring this difficult chapter in our lives to a very successful close. I have received and do review all the emails you copy me in on. You are still staying on top of this case. I had a nice conversation with your potential new client. I spoke in depth about your legal competencies. Though I was always certain, I even got the opportunity to compare you with many other renowned attorneys this past year and you clearly stand above them all, in areas of efficiency, legal expertise, strategies, attention to detail and simply keeping your eye on the ball at all times. Frankly, it felt good to have the opportunity to give someone (who is also involved in a complex legal mess) some real hope that there IS an attorney out there who is capable and who will fight for you to the end, and be there for you - with honesty - throughout the battle.

With thanks, best regards and a very Happy Thanksgiving to you and your loved ones.


To whom it may concern,

This is highly unusual, as I seldom give anyone a recommendation and far rarer, a letter of recommendation. In this instance it is my privilege and honor to recommend the services Darren Baldo, Esq.

As a small business owner, I often wear many hats and it has been an outstanding experience to rely on Darren as my "One Stop Shop" for so many services. From accounting, to legal representation, from tax returns to business planning - Darren is the only call I need to make. He is not just an Attorney with some accounting experience, nor is he a just CPA with some legal background, Darren is an expert with Degrees in both. Darren's unique fusion of skills and expertise has allowed me to spend more time running my business and growing the bottom line and less time searching for answers or making mistakes. I get the right answers the first time with only one phone call. It's like looking for a doctor, the more initials after his/her name, the better. Darren is my business doctor.

Darren takes a personal interest in the well being of my business, he goes out of his way to help me, and more importantly he goes out of his way to protect me. This one stop shop has saved me time and money, being a small business owner himself, Darren understands my company's needs and the challenges I face every day.

I have used Darren's services for several years. My relationship with Darren has been excellent, his rates are fair, and he has always been honest with the answers and the solutions he provides and just as honest with his billing, as I never have to worry about the accuracy of his bills. The work he has done for my company was done with integrity and without compromise. When necessary, Darren has made himself available late into the evening, on weekends and even while on vacation. He continues to extend many courtesies along with the services he provides. I admit I am spoiled, and I could not envision using any other CPA or attorney for my business.

Marc Singer, Managing Member, Quantum Hotel Group.

To whom it may concern,

On or about February 10, 2004, I approached my employer, Howard Schachter, of Schachter Portney, LLC, and asked if he could recommend an attorney to handle the purchase agreement of a lumberyard which my fiance, David Lukacs, was interested in purchasing from his present employer. Howard immediately contacted Donna Pennington, Esq., who told Howard this was not her area of expertise and in turn, recommended Darren Baldo, Esq.

We found Mr. Baldo to be a very precise and professional individual whom we became extremely confident in. He reviewed the basic lease and addendum which were provided to us by David's employer, and noted relevant and significant issues he had with the asset purchase. I can recall our first meeting with Mr. Baldo wherein he said outright, "If you think you are buying a business, you're not. You're just buying the inventory." Within four weeks, we were no longer just buying the inventory, but the business in its entirety, i.c., the business name, its website, its customers, the equipment, the inventory and the furniture.

Mr. Baldo drew up a new draft addendum to the lease agreement, wrote up a purchase agreement and a bill of sale. He prepared the Certificate of Formation and obtained the EIN. Closing was held on March 16, 2004, and turned out better than we could have imagined. At no time during this process did we ever doubt Mr. Baldo's legal advice. We were confident that he had our best interest at heart. Selecting Mr. Baldo was one of the best decisions we made while starting our business. We recommend him very highly and without hesitation.

Beth Houston

To whom it may concern,

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help over the last two years. Your professional advice both for my personal financial matters (Trust and Will) and my business contractual issues has helped me enormously and has given me great peace of mind.

It is rare to meet someone as well-qualified yet fair and clear spoken as you. I look forward to using your services more in the future as I doubt that I'll be able to find anyone of your qualifications and great personality anywhere!

Let's stay in touch. You should also be aware that I have referred you to friends and colleagues so you can expect some calls down the road.

Best regards,
Kelly Adams Managing Director Indus Valley Partners Corporation

To whom it may concern,

Darren M. Baldo has been my attorney, accountant and consultant for over three years. Darren, while an excellent attorney, is much more than just an attorney. Since he is also a CPA and tax expert, he provides much more value in analyzing and negotiating transactions than most attorneys. He pays incredible attention to details, and he explores angles and raises issues not only about legal, financial and tax matters but also about people in transactions that I never would have realized. Darren has always been very careful with every aspect of my legal, financial and tax matters. He provided me with the legal, tax and financial advice for my interests, and most of all, he is honest, fair and professional. In addition to being very pleased with his services, I was comfortable enough to invite him to my home for dinner with my large family, and I continue to do so from time to time.

Aaron Kassin

Dear Darren,

I'd like to thank you for helping me on several occasions and for always being on my side.

My recent case was very troublesome to me, but I just knew I was in good hands. You have taken care of the entire case in a timely professional manner and I am very pleased with the results. You always made time to speak to me and always made sure to make me feel valued, validated and heard. I was informed of everything that was being handled in my case and informed before any action was taken. I am grateful to you for your expertise and for your tactful and caring manner in settling the case that otherwise could have been so much more stressful.

You are a fighter with an unwavering sense of integrity and ethics. This combined with your excellent negotiation skills makes you an exceptional attorney. You, my friend, are truly a credit to your profession in a most extraordinary way. I recommend you to anyone in need of an honest and passionate attorney.

With Kindest Regards;
Kamelia Kameli