Darren Baldo is one of the leading Business Lawyer in Princeton, also handling Bankruptcy cases in Princeton Junction, Lawrenceville, Plainsboro, New Brunswick, Trention and Mercer County.
He is also famous as Bankruptcy attorney in Princeton Junction, Lawrenceville, Plainsboro, New Brunswick, trention and Mercer County area.

Commitment To Clients:

I follow through with a dedicated commitment to win or settle cases in court, arbitration and mediation and to successfully resolve all related legal matters for my clients.

I don't litigate to settle; I litigate to win. But I realize that the best settlement opportunities usually depend on being prepared to litigate to win.

I am licensed to practice law in New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and can practice in any Federal District and Bankruptcy Court in any state.

I have represented clients in various matters in the following states: New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, Virginia, Florida, and Indiana.

Testimonials from clients

  • Thank you so much for helping us. I guess, if you have an excellent lawyer, CPA, etc., the work gets done! But you also need one who cares about their clients. Again, Thanks so very much! It means so much to us, hope you know that!!! Hope all is well. Our best always,

    Angela and Neil